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Football 2013 -2014

From September 2013 KS2 football club will be on Monday afternoons with Mr Cassidy and Mr Wardman 15.30 - 16.30.

Please see Mr Cassidy for a letter.


Football coaching with Mark Jackson - Jul'14

Fearnville were delighted to welcome back former Leeds United, Scunthorpe and Farsley footballer Mark Jackson.  He worked with year 4 boys doing football drills as well as talking about his career and what makes a good footballer / team player.  Mark played on the same team as Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher for the England under 20s and played over 200 professional matches for various clubs including playing at Old Trafford and the world famous Elland Road so he knows what makes a good footballer.  He worked with the boys in the classroom and discussed what made a good footballer (skills, football knowledge, teamwork, being a good role model) and he also described how managers look for good listeners and those who take on board advice rather than just natural ability.  As a thank you for coming to teach the boys they worked with the talented and artistic Miss Brookes who helped make a giant Farsley AFC logo to present to Mark and the club. 


Guiseley AFC v Bradford City - Jul '14

Fearnville children from years 1 - 6 were welcomed to Guiseley AFC's Nethermoor ground for their pre season match against Bradford City.  They played a match on the astro pitches, walked out with the players as mascots and even got to have a game at half time too.  All the children played well and there were goals from Caleb, Tristan, Corey, Ben, Dylan and Patrick.  The children also presented the club with a cheque from Subway / Heart Research UK as part of their healthy heart grant.  The game finished 3-0 Bradford.  See here

This was reported in the Wharfedale Observer

the Conference website

and also the Heart Research website



Year 4 Futsal tournament - Jun '14

To celebrate the World Cup Fearnville entered two teams in the Year 4 Futsal Festival at the Leeds International Futsal Arena  As always the people from Tong High School did a great job organising it.

Fearnville A were managed by Miss Latz and wore the white shirts and Fearnville B were managed by Mr Cassidy and wore blue shirts.

There was a league format with each team playing each other.  There was teams from Farfield, St Columbas, Thornbury, East Bierley and Hawksworth.   Both teams had a great day and played some great football.  Fearnville B came second and received a silver medal each!

1st Thorbury A, 2nd Fearnville B, 3rd Hawksworth

Well done boys!!!

Fearnville B 3 - 1 Fearnville             Fearnville B 4 - 0 St Columbas                 Fearnville B 0 - 3 Thornbury A

Fearnville B 1 - 1 Hawksworth         Fearnville B 3 - 0 Thornbury                     Fearnville B 2 - 1 Farfield

Fearnville B 2 - 1 St Columbas        Fearnville B 7 - 0 East Bierley B               Fearnville B 2 - 4 Fearnville B


William 8          George 6             Caleb 5          Jimmy 4          Ben 1        Michael 1

***** A special thank you to Kyle R for taking the photos. 


Year 4 football tournament - May '14

Children from year 4 (with a few year 6 helpers) competed in a world cup style tournament featuring Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Hungary and Belarus.  All the children worked hard to play as a team and show sportsmanship, encouragement and fairplay as well as their excellent football skills.


Costa Rica     1 - 2     Sauid Arabia                              Belarus        2 - 3       Hungary

Corey                         Caleb 2                                      Jimmy, Ben                 William 2, Michael

Costa Rica     2 - 0      Belarus                                     Saudi Arabia  1 - 3     Hungary

George, Corey                                                              Mckenzie                   William 3

Hungary         1 - 1     Costa Rica                                 Sauid Arabia    2 - 2   Belarus

Michael                       Corey                                         Daniel 2                      Jimmy, Ben


3rd / 4th playoff                                                                     Final

Saudia Arabia 3 - 0 Belarus                                                  Costa Rica 0 - 1 Hungary

Daniel 2, Caleb                                                                      William


Congratulations to champions Hungary!!! 

Photos are below and there is a video of William's penalty v Saudia Arabia too.                     


Farsley AFC v Ramsbottom United - Apr '14

Children from year 4, 5 & 6 visited Farsley AFC's Throstle Nest ground to see the crucial promotion battle between Farsley AFC ( and Ramsbottom United.  Before the senior game children from Fearnville played in an exhibition match in front of the fans.  As it was the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster ( there was a minute silence before every game and the children were no different as they too took part in a minute silence to show their respect. They played two matches.  Fearnville Blues 1-6 Fearnville Whites (Goals from Patrick 1, Caleb 3, William 2, Michael 1) and Fearnville Blues 4 - 5 Fearnville Whites (Goals from William 1, Corey 1, Saim 1, Aylissa 1, Caleb 3, Daniel 1, Kevin-Douglas 1).  The children were then mascots for the senior team as they walked out on the pitch.  All were very well behaved.  Well done.  Homework for over Easter is to write a story about a footballer.       


Year 5 & 6 World Cup - Apr '14

Children from year 5 & 6 (plus a few year 4s) played in a World Cup tournament representing four of the world's greatest teams.... Poland, Cameroon, Pakistan and Jamaica.  All the children tried really hard and there was some great teamwork, individual skill and sportsmanship on show.  The full results are below.

Poland 0 - 1 Jamaica (Corey)                                            Pakistan 0 - 0 Cameroon

Poland 0 - 3 Pakistan (Hashim 3)                                      Jamaica 1 - 0 Cameroon (Jenson)

Poland 3 - 2 Cameroon (Kieran 3, Daanish 2)                   Jamaica 0 - 2 Pakistan (Hashim, George)

All the children played well but the world cup winners were ...... PAKISTAN.  Well done.

For homework the footballers have to research their country, they can use internet, books, friends / family or resources in school.  What facts can you find out?  What is the flag like?  What is the capital city?  What language do they speak?  Food?  Famous people?  Any other facts. 

There is an excellent football related prize for the best research. 


Guiseley AFC v Stalybridge Celtic - Mar '14

KS2 children visited Guiseley AFC's Nethermoor ground for a night of football.  They played their own thrilling 6-5 match on the astro pitch then met the players as they walked them out of the tunnel for the game, watched the match from the stand and finally played a second game in front of the fans at half time.  Goals were scored by Michael, Patrick, Kieran, Wiktor, Dyllan and Ben.  The Guiseley AFC match was very exciting too and they won.  There is a full match report here  As always the Fearnville children were complemented on their excellent behaviour.  We would like to thank Guiseley AFC for allowing the children to have such a great opportunity and showing them such great hospitality. 


Primary Futsal Tournament - Mar '14

Fearnville entered two teams in the West Riding Primary School Futsal Festival at the Leeds International Futsal Arena  Fearnville A (Year 5) and Fearnville B (Year 4). 

We finished 4th and 5th overall. 

Goals were scored by Stephen, Reece, William, Caleb and Ben. 

Again the children did the school proud and behaved perfectly.  As a school we won the sportsmanship award because we were on our best behaviour, we played the game in the correct spirit and we remembered to shake the opposition's hands at the end of every game.  Year 4's goalkeeper James, who played like a young Nigel Martyn, also won a special award for being the most improved player in the tournament and never giving up. 

Big thank you for the excellent job done by Tong High School who organised the tournament.Well done to everyone!


Primary Futsal Tournament - Feb '14

Fearnville entered two teams in the West Riding Primary School Futsal Festival at the Leeds International Futsal Arena  Fearnville A and Fearnville B played against Carrwood A, Carrwood B, Thornbury and for the second competition running champions St John's.  The teams were made from boys in year 4 and 5.

There was some amazing football from all the players and some great goals by Jimmy, George, Isaac, Caleb, Joseph and Reece.  We finished 3rd and 5th in the league. 

The 3rd placed finishers all went home with a bronze medal.  Well done boys!!!

As always the staff from Tong High School put on a great tournament

Special mention to George who was named player of the tournament and won a trophy and futsal hoodie! 

Guiseley v Stalybridge Celtic - Jan '14

Children from year 4, 5 and 6 travelled to Guiseley to watch the Guiseley v Stalybridge Celtic game and play a match of their own.

Unfortunately the men's game was cancelled minutes before kick off because of the adverse weather.

The boys were well looked after by the club though, they played a game on the astro turf pitch, had free hotdogs, juice and sweets in the club house, played in the playground next to the pitch and had another game on the astro pitch.

The first match was a thrilling 7-3 encounter won by the yellow team.

Dyllan scored a stunning hat trick.

Despite the weather the boys still enjoyed themselves. 

Year 6 football tournament - Dec '13

Year 6 played in an after school football tournament.  Each team represented a different country and played each other twice in a league format.

Results -

               Brazil       1 - 1            England                                             Brazil          1 - 1       Somalia

Goals - Binyamin                       Hashim                                 Goals -  Daniel                       Rahul

Man of the match - Hashim                                                    MOM - Daanish

               England    1 - 1          Somalia                                              England       4-3        Brazil

Goals - Ben                               Yasin                                     Goals - Ben 2, Hashim 2         Daniel 2, Kieran  

Man of the match - Steven                                                      MOM - Saim

               Brazil        2 - 1          Somalia                                                England 2 - 2 Somalia

Goals - Daniel, Kieran            Daanish                                    Goals - Ben 2,             Daanish  

Man of the match - Steven                                                      MOM - Saim



1st England

2nd Brazil

3rd Somalia


Well done on a super tournament boys. 


Girls football tournament - Nov '13

Girls from KS2 got the chance to play in a girls only football tournament after school.  Each team represented a different country in a league format before finishing with a penalty competition.  All girls had a great time getting stuck into the game without the boys getting in their way!  Well done girls for showing great enthusiasm. 

Full results -

Republic of Ireland 4 - 1 Italy                                       Latvia 1 - 1 Poland

Italy  0 -1 Poland                                                          Republic of Ireland 3 - 1 Latvia

Republic of Ireland 2 - 1 Latvia                                    Italy 1 - 3 Poland

Congratulations to Republic of Ireland on a fantastic victory.  Player of the match = Ellie-Mai, Fairplay / sportsmanship award = Chelsea.

For homework the girls are to research their country (Latvia, Poland, Italy or Republic of Ireland)  they can use books, the internet or resources at school.  Who can find the most information about their country?  What is the flag like?  What is the capital city? What food do they eat?  etc...



Guiseley AFC v Oxford City - Nov '13

Children from years 4, 5 & 6 went to Guiseley AFC's Nethermoor ground for their game with Oxford City.  Before the match they played on the astro turf pitch in a thrilling 8-6 match, they then had a training session with Guiseley's Danny Ellis and performed a guard of honour for the teams and officials as they came out of the tunnel.  During half time the children then had the chance of playing on the pitch in front of all the Guiseley fans.  The boys all enjoyed the day and Guiseley staff commented "We really enjoyed your visit today. Well done a credit to yourselves & your school."

There is a match report of the Guiseley v Oxford City game and more information about Guiseley AFC on the club's website


Primary Futsal Tournament - Nov '13

Fearnville entered two teams in the West Riding Primary School Futsal Festival at the Leeds International Futsal Arena  Fearnville A and Fearnville B played against Carrwood A, Carrwood B, Thornbury, Rothwell and eventual champions St John's.  The teams were made from boys in year 4 and 5.

There was some amazing football from all the players and some great goals by William, Jimmy, Caleb, Matthew, Joseph and Reece.  We finished 4th and 5th in the league but we were also recognised for our fair play and sportsmanship by winning the FairPlay award and receiving a free Nike Futsal (which will live in our trophy cabinet!)  

As always the staff from Tong High School put on a great tournament

Fearnville are looking forward to the next futsal tournaments in the new year.



Farsley AFC v Radcliffe Borough - Oct '13

Fearnville footballers made another trip to Farsley AFC's Throstle Nest ground and played a match before the Evo-Stick League Northern Premier match between Farsley AFC and Radcliffe Borough. 

The teams were White - Jenson, Jimmy, Corey, Tristan, Kyle & Billy and Blue - Kevin-Douglas, George, Joseph, Ben & William. The match was a thrilling 6-5 to the whites with goals from Jenson 4, Jimmy 2, William 3, Ben and Kevin-Douglas.  After the match the boys were given the opportunity to be mascots for the main match and meet all the players.  The boys all enjoyed themselves and as always were a credit to the school.

The men's game was again full of drama and excitement with Farsley AFC beating Radcliffe Borough 2-0.  There is a match report on the club's website  The boys were responsible for choosing the man of the match and voted for Farsley AFC's number 11 Matty James.  The boys presented him with the man of the match award and also got to meet the rest of the players for autographs and photos at the end of the game.


Bradford Park Avenue Primary Cup - Oct '13

Due to having a reputation for great behaviour and trying their best the boys from Fearnville were invited back to Bradford Park Avenue's Horsfall Stadium for another go at qualifying for their Primary Cup after other schools dropped out.  Fearnville again sent two teams.  There was the fluorescent yellow Fearnville United managed by Mr Cassidy and the blue and yellow Fearnville Park Avenue managed by Mr Wardman.  The boys did really well as most of our players were from year 4 / 5 and playing against much bigger and stronger year 6s, special mention goes to Cane who played in the games despite only being in year 2!  Both teams really enjoyed it and had a great day out.  Unfortunately we failed to qualify for the next round but the boys will be back next year for another bid for glory.


Full results -

Fearnville United 1 - 2 Eastwood                                                  Fearnville Park Avenue 0 - 2 Parkinson Lane

Goal (Hashim)

Fearnville United 1 - 2 Feversham                                                Fearnville Park Avenue 0 - 7 Deanfield

Goal (Jenson)

Fearnville United 0 - 5 Eastwood                                                  Fearnville Park Avenue 1 - 2 Fairfield

Fearnville United 0 - 2 Feversham                                                Goal (William)



FC Halifax v Nuneaton - Oct '13

Fearnville were invited to FC Halifax's Shay Stadium to play at half time during the FC Halifax v Nuneaton game.

The boys were treated like VIP footballers as they got to go into the executive suite before the game, have a question and answer session with two of the FC Halifax players and then watch the main match.

Unfortunately Fearnville lost 3-1 in their game but they still really enjoyed it.  Joseph scored a great goal! 

All the boys received a certificate for playing and got autographs from FC Halifax's Adam Smith and Lee Gregory.

The boys also got to meet FC Halifax's mascot Freddy The Fox.



Bradford Park Avenue Primary Cup - Sep '13

Fearnville were invited to Bradford Park Avenue's Horsfall Stadium ( to play in the Bradford Park Avenue Primary Cup.  Fearnville entered two teams.  Fearnville United were managed by Mr Cassidy and played in a fetching fluorescent yellow kit while Fearnville City were managed by Mr Wardman and played in the navy Fearnville shirts.  Both teams enjoyed their day and played the game in the correct spirit but unfortunately both team didn't manage to progress to the quarter finals.


Full Results -

Fearnville United 4 - 0 Byron                                       Fearnville City 3 - 5 Brackenhill

(Goals - Jenson, William, Jimmy, George)                  (Goals - Ben 2, Caleb)

Fearnville United 0 - 2 Harden                                     Fearnville City 0 - 5 St Matthews

Fearnville United 0 - 2 Lidget Green                            Fearnville City 1 - 3 La Page

                                  (Goal - Corey)


Ricky Ravenhill's visit to Fearnville - Sep '13

Bradford City's midfielder Ricky Ravenhill came to meet the children and answer their questions about life as a professional footballer.  He talked about his experience at Wembley stadium, posed for photographs and signed autographs for the children.  Some questions the children asked are below.

Q. Who is your footballing hero?

A: Roy Keane or Patrick Viera, I like tough midfielders.

Q. Have you ever met Wayne Rooney?

A: Not yet but he might sign for Bradford one day!

Q: What do managers look for in a player?

A: Coaches and managers always look for people who try their best and listen to instructions.  Working hard and following what your teacher or coach says is always more important than natural talent.


The midfielder's visit was even reported by the Bradford Telegraph and Argus


Tong High School Tournament - Sep '13

A mixture of children from year 2 to year 6 played in a football tournament at Tong High School (

Fearnville provided all four teams for the tournament and represented four different countries.  All teams played in a league format first and then the top played in a final while 3rd and 4th played a playoff.

The staff at Tong were all impressed with the footballing talent of the Fearnville players they also mentioned how the behaviour and conduct of the boys was exemplary.  Well done boys, you all did the school proud!


Full results -

Saudia Arabia 4 - 1 Australia         Uruguay 2 - 2 San Marino

Saudia Arabia 4 - 2 Uruguay          Australia 1 - 4 San Marino

Saudia Arabia 0 - 3 San Marino     Australia 3 - 1 Uruguay

Final -                                                        3rd place playoff

San Marino 1 - 4 Saudia Arabia                Australia 0 - 3 Uruguay


Congratulations to Saudia Arabia! 

Sportsmanship award - Matthew




Farsley AFC v Cammell Laird - Sep '13

Children from Fearnville went on a special trip to Farsley AFC's 3,900 capacity Throstle Next ground and played an exhibition match before the Farsley AFC v Cammell Laird game.


The teams were Blue- Joseph (c), Danish, Ben, William, Jimmy and White- Matthew (c), Hashim, Leo, Caleb, George, Rahul.  The two teams had a great time and played out an amazing game with 15 goals! White 9-6 Blue.  The boys were then mascots for the game and followed the players out of the tunnel and onto the pitch.  The club gave the Fearnville footballers the full VIP treatment, they had hotdogs and juice at half time, got a signed programme and teamsheet, got to vote for the man of the match, met all the players and were also given a brand new Chryso football.  Thank you Farsley!


The men's game finished 2-2 with Farsley AFC coming back from 2-0 down.  You can see a full match report on their website The Fearnville children voted Farsley AFC's 2nd goalscorer Aidan Savory as man of the match.


The game was even report on by the Bradford T&A.



2012 - 2013


For all the football photos and information from 2012-13 see

Below are a selction of photos from 2012-13.