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BASF visit

This week 6 Fearnville G&T pupils were asked to join 3 other primary schools for a visit to the BASF chemical factory in Low Moor. The 6 budding scientists were taken to see the plant and then conduct some experiments of their own.

After arriving at the factory, the children were given a talk on the plant and shown some demonstrations of the amazing chemicals BASF produce.  One of the best was a chemical called LDP, which thickened water to be able to tip over your head without getting wet in a matter of seconds.

Once the group had been wowed by these demonstrations it was time to put on the lab coats, goggles and hard hats for a tour of the plant. Some of the places that were visited were the largest warehouse the children had ever seen (that shipped all around the world) and the 3 on site fire engines. One of the highlights was seeing the emergency chemical shower, which an employee was kind enough to show us how it worked (and got very wet in the process!).

When everyone had come in and warmed up, the children were taken to the Kid’s Lab to take part in some experiments. First was an investigation on how to purify water for consumption. Using filtration techniques removed any impurities allowing the water to be placed back into the system to be used again. The second experiment was looking at water storage and super absorbers to hold onto water in sand. This meant that water could be kept in sandy ground so that farmers could grow crops.

As a grand finale the class were given the chance to make their own slime! Using a mixture of PVA glue, borax and food colouring the class produced various sized, shaped and coloured goo balls!

The trip was a fabulous opportunity that really helped inspire these young scientists, an experience that all wanted to share with their fellow classmates when they arrived back at school. Fearnville would love to thank BASF for inviting us to their factory and putting on the wonderful day.