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Mrs A. Gray

We believe. We achieve. We succeed.

Mr Wickett; Miss Suthers; Mrs Doolen; Mrs Robinson; Mrs Atkinson

Welcome to Year 6 Kestrels - 2017-2018

Hello and welcome to Kestrels. Throughout the year, our children will work in mixed groups and independently to achieve their potential. We ask that you work with us as much as possible to instil a positive, resilient learning attitude in all our children. We believe that learning starts with the child themselves and that any child can achieve great things if they enter class every day with an attitude that links with our key values (perseverance, respect, resilience etc.). If you have any questions concerning what the children are learning or how they are doing, please speak to Mr Wickett.

Class Teacher: Miss Robson

Additional adults that support our learning: Miss S Suthers, Mrs J Doolen; Mrs B Robinson and Mrs G Atkinson


 Autumn half term.

We start this half term with a warm welcome to every child and parent. The children will begin with a Brainwave unit in which they will examine how their brain works and how every child is capable of tremendous learning - their brain is a muscle and will grow as much as they exercise it! This is vital to how they approach their learning this year. To support this, the children will study Harry Potter in their English lessons - 'It matters not what someone is born, but what they choose and how they grow that makes them great'. If it was good enough for Harry Potter, it has to work for us!

The rest of the half term will focus on being Space Explorers. In science, they will research how light travels and the forces involved in forming craters. They will learn about Galileo and constellations and the stories they tell. In art, they will learn how to blend colours to create a nebula and in DT they will build a vehicle to explore a planet surface.

The class text for this will be Cosmic - It's one giant leap for all boy-kind. The children will write a first person recount as Liam, a newspaper report about landing on the moon and a diary entry as Tim Peake (we are planning to visit some of his space craft in the Media Museum to support this). To support their diary writing, the children will spend a little time reading Diary of a Young Girl.

The children will also learn about Diwali and why this is important in Hinduism and the importance of healthy relationships in working together through testing times.


Each day the children will start with a class assembly (some will use this time for alternative learning). They will complete a guided reading session, followed by English, play and then Maths


Homework set. Additional maths and topic in the afternoon.


R.E. and PSHE in the afternoon.


Additional maths and P.E. in the afternoon.


Homework due in. SPaG game and P.E. in the afternoon.


Lessons will rotate between Art/DT, Computing and French.