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Mrs J Kurasinski

We believe. We achieve. We succeed.

Meet Our Staff

September 2017


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Kurasinski– Headteacher

Miss A Robson – Deputy Headteacher(Assessment and Curriculum)

Miss N Pal - Assistant Headteacher (SEN and Inclusion)

Mrs E Olot - Assistant Headteacher (EYFS)


 Teaching Staff

Mrs G Khan – Teacher Nursery

Mrs E Olot – Teacher Reception Willow

Miss E Jagger - Teacher Reception Maple

Miss M Shabir - Teacher Year 1 Lions

Miss R Ullah – Teacher Year 1 Monkeys

Mrs A Summerscales – Teacher Year 2 Giraffes & KS1 Leader

Miss A English– Teacher Year 2 Elephants 

Mrs E Jagger - PPA Teacher

Mrs L Morris - PPA Teacher

Mrs H Shazad – Teacher Year 3 Starfish 

Mrs H Kaur – Teacher Year 3 Seahorses

Miss A Khalid– Teacher Year 4 Turtles 

Mrs E Robertson– Teacher Year 4 Dolphins & KS2 Leader

Mrs C Mbyano - Teacher Year 5 Owls

Miss H Duffy– Teacher Year 5 Falcons & English Leader 

Mr C Wickett– Teacher Year 6 Kestrels & Maths Leader

Mr S Mir– Teacher Year 6 Eagles & Maths Leader


Pupil Inclusion Mentors

Mrs J Robinson - KS2 - Lead Inclusion Mentor

Miss B Sutcliffle - KS1

 Administration Staff

Mrs L Todd - Business Manager

Mrs K Greenan  - Administrative Assistant / SEN Admin

Miss H Stephenson - Administrative Assiatant


Support Staff

Mrs J Barrett - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Brookes - Cover Supervisor

Mrs M Brown - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Cerny - Teaching Assistant (Nurture)

Mrs J Dooling - Teaching Assistant (Nurture)

Mrs T Gallagher - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Halliday - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Kay - Cover Supervisor/HLTA

Mrs J Khaira - Cover Supervisor/HLTA

Mrs M Lohan - Cover Supervisor HLTA

Mrs S Maclean - Teaching Assistant

Miss R Naylor - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Owens - Teaching Assistant

Ms A Qaddus - Teaching Assistant

Ms J Rai - Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Rubery - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Scott - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Suthers - Teaching Assistant

Miss K Todd - Parental Involvement Worker

Mrs L Towers - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Walker - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Wood - Teaching Assistant


Mr G Gallagher - Caretaker