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Year 5 Falcons - 2017/18

Teacher: Miss Duffy

Year 5 Support: Miss Khaira & Mrs Brooks

Autumn Term  (1st Half)

Curriculum Information


During our English lessons, we will be:

  • Using ‘The Wolves in the Walls’ by Neil Gaiman as a base for our learning
  • Learning how to write descriptively using new vocabulary and a range of sentence structures
  • Reading ‘The Wreck of the Zanzibar’ by Michael Morpurgo as our class novel
  • Focusing on inference and retrieval skills during guided reading using both fiction and non-fiction texts.



During our Maths lessons, we will be:

  • Recognising the value of a digit up to 1 million
  • Learning a range of strategies for mental addition and subtraction
  • Practising written methods for addition and subtraction
  • Practising written methods for multiplication and division
  • Problem solving.


We have started the year with a focus on making children believe in just how capable they are – what they can do instead of what they can’t do.

What we will find out about:

  • How the brain is a muscle and can be trained
  • How attitude and pupil choice is vital to their development
  • What a good learner and a successful teacher

Following this, we will be starting a science based topic called ‘Bake It!’ during which we are going to find out about science by making bread. The processes involved in bread-making can teach us how molecules behave in different materials (solids, liquids and gases) and how these materials can be changed.


Science will be covered during our topic lessons around the theme ‘Bake it!’. Throughout this topic children will explore solids, liquids and gasses and materials and their properties through the ideas of making bread.


We will learn about Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, in particular their key teachings and religious festivals. Our learning will be based around the key question: Why are there different beliefs about God?


How new beginnings can make us unsure and how we can find unity by working together and to a fixed set of guidelines. How to earn respect by respecting others.


The children in Owls class have outdoor P.E. on Tuesday and in Falcons class they have it on Monday. On Friday afternoons Y5 are lucky enough to have Bradford City coaching our indoor P.E. sessions.

Please come and chat to any of the Year 5 staff if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 5 team!

Autumn Term  (1st Half)

Don't forget Bike Ability starts on Monday (26/09/16). See a year 5 teacher for details.

You may wish to explore the following websites with your children during this half term:




Outdoor PE


Homework due in




Homework given out




Indoor PE